Middle School | San Francisco Outreach
Middle School

Mar 26 - 29, 2018 All Day San Francisco 275.00

What is your student doing for spring break? 
Playing video games? Sleeping in? Going to the mall? What if their spring break was about making an impact in the lives of others? Making a difference?!

This is an opportunity for your student to do something they will remember for the rest of their lives! Join middle school students from all Bayside campuses on the annual 10:45 Spring Break Mission Trip. Taken from Mark 10:45, Jesus gives us the example to serve others.

We will head to San Francisco to serve the homeless in the Tenderloin District. This will be an eye-opening and exciting time! We are partnering with a local ministry called City Impact who has been serving this community for 30 years. Students will experience God like never before as they step out of their comfort zone and work with food banks, mobile food delivery, a local thrift store, and much more. We will end the trip with a fun day in the city.