Saturday, October 14
8 am - 10 am

Choose your life stage and enjoy 3 back-to-back 18-minute TED Talk Style Seminars in the same location.

Dating/Engaged 20’s/30’s
Host: Morgan and Benji Treuil
Speakers: Kevin and Jenny Thompson, Mark and Erin Clark, Ray and Carol Johnston

Part 1> Why Marriage Matters
Part 2> Red Flags For Any Relationship
Part 3> How Do We Know When We Are Ready to Get Married? And Essential Things to Stay Married!

Dating/Engaged 40+
Host: Johnny and Julie Shroyer
Speakers: Richard Mullis, Johnny & Julie Shroyer, Brian and Danna Hopkins

Part 1> Starting Right:  Moving Past Relationship Baggage
Part 2> Growing Personally Together
Part 3> Not too Fast, Not too Slow:  Taking Smart Next Steps

Married No Kids (under 40)
Host: Joey and Christy Spears
Speakers: Brannon and Casey Shortt, Barbara Wilson, Daniel and Rennie Simpson

Part 1> 5 Skills Every Newlywed Should Master
Part 2> Good, Loud, Sex
Part 3> If 2 Becomes 3

Married with Young Kids
Host: Jordan and Ashton Smith
Speakers: Mark and Erin Clark, Ray and Carol Johnston, Barbara Wilson

Part 1> 5 Skills for Staying Together When You’re Being Pulled Apart
Part 2> How to Parent So Your Kids Will Like You as an Adult
Part 3> Good, But Quiet, Sex

Married with Tweens/Teenagers
Host: Jason and Stephanie Caine
Speakers: Jason and Stephanie Caine, Ray and Carol Johnston, Lisa and Rob Thompson

Part 1> Prioritizing Us While Chauffeuring Them
Part 2> Mental Health and Modern Teens
Part 3> Preparing to Empty the Nest

Blended with Kids/Teenagers
Host: John and Laura Volinsky
Speakers: Brian and Danna Hopkins, Gina Mertz, John and Laura Volinsky

Part 1> How to Create Us Without Ignoring Them (kids)
Part 2> Mental Health and Teens
Part 3> Dealing with Others

Emptying/Empty Nest or Married No Kids (over 40)
Host: John and Lauri Harris
Speakers: Michael and Shelby Metcalf, Lisa and Rob Thompson, Kevin and Jenny Thompson

Part 1> Work/Life Balance
Part 2> The Sandwich Generation: Caring For Parents While Raising Kids
Part 3> Recreating a Solid Foundation for the Second Half

Married and Retired
Host: Gil and Dana Stieglitz
Speakers: Lisa and Rob Thompson, Gil and Dana Stieglitz, Michael and Shelby Metcalf

Part 1> The Grey Restart:  How to Plan a Satisfying Second Half
Part 2> Parenting Adult Children
Part 3> Impact 101:  Living with Passion and Purpose

Marriage 911
Host: The Counseling Center
Speakers: Counselors from Bayside Counseling

Part 1> Stories of Marriages that were on the Brink
Part 2> What Must We Do to Find Success?
Part 3> Next Steps


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