Ray Johnston

Senior Lead Pastor

Ray Johnston is the Senior Pastor of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, Ca. A 20-year veteran of both youth and adult ministry, he’s the founding pastor of Bayside Church, which has grown to over 20,000 in twenty years. A veteran pastor and visionary leader, Ray believes that the church is called to outreach, spiritual growth and equipping our leaders. In addition to his tireless efforts at Bayside, Ray serves as president of Developing Effective Leaders and has authored four books, all of which contain his trademark wit and dynamic style. Ray also speaks frequently at conferences, leadership training events, family camps and national youth events.

Michael Metcalf

Senior Campus Pastor

As Pastor at Bayside Adventure, Michael is an outstanding leader with a passion for the church. He comes with an experienced background in leading organizations and Multi Site churches at an executive level. Michael and his wife Michelle find great purpose in leading the church in a relatable way through transparency and authenticity. His inspiring style connects with the humanity of those who make up the church whilst simultaneously bringing unrelenting vision of the sacrifice that allows us to live out and reflect the empowering grace of God. Michael and Michelle have been married for 25 years and have two sons Charles and Chandler Metcalf. Charles married to Abby, has one son Arlo Phoenix and is a Pastor at Transformation Church in Tulsa OK.