Career Coaching

Being a job seeker is challenging on your own. Job One Career Coaching provides a supportive place for you to get equipped with the right skills and tools for an effective job search, while successfully being employed sooner.
Join us at Job One through Zoom.US/Join - Meeting ID: 910-283-386 on Mondays 9am-12:30pm.

Job One Meetings

Our goal at Job One is to help each Job Seeker to communicate their skills and qualifications to employers. Our team of experienced coaches will encourage and assist you to discover your job-related skills, offer job search strategies, make your LinkedIn account more effective, write better resumes/cover letters, improve your job interviewing techniques, and gain confidence with hiring managers. We provide one-on-one sessions with knowledgeable coaches by reviewing your resumes, performing mock interviews, and suggesting ways to improve your opportunities in being employed.

Anyone looking for a job!

We are open every Monday, except when Monday falls on certain holidays. We will be closed the following dates in 2021: May 31, July 5, Sept. 6, Nov. 22, Dec. 20 & 27, and Jan. 3, 2022, so you can celebrate those dates with family and friends.

There is no Registration Fee since Job One is using Online Technology and electronic file transfers.

No, we do not match your qualifications up with employer job vacancies. Bayside Church established Job One as a Career Coaching ministry to meet the needs for those who find themselves unemployed and offer help using Biblical Principles. We offer the Job Seekers topics and tools to bring out your best that will encourage employers to hire you as God wills.

Success Stories

Thank you Job One, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your program. It gave me the confidence to march into the Company office with my refined resume, and give them an elevator speech, and a STAR story. You folks and Vet Net gave me those tools. Within two days the c company offered me the position I interviewed for. I just wanted to say I start my new job as a truck repair person with a company based in the Sierra Mountains.
Thank you very much.

I wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying the new job at Parks and Recreation! There were times in the beginning that I felt overwhelmed with all the new learning but that is to be expected, right?
I’ve now been at Parks almost 2 months and the training wheels are about to come off. The contractors that we are replacing will be leaving soon and we are now taking over their roles. That being said, the training and the support of our management has been awesome!
I really appreciate all of the support that Job One provided plus I learned a great deal while attending Job One both before and after COVID-19. I appreciated your focus on trusting God, all your one on one coaching and encouragement. I am going to recommend to other job seekers they attend Job One.

I heard good things about Job One from several friends. I felt welcomed and important by all the coaches. I have a very strong background in teaching but wanted to change my focus away from teaching and as you called in remarketing myself to be employed as an analyst with the State of California. Kathy, Fred and Rebecca answered all my questions about taking State Civil Service Online Exams in State Analyst Job Titles. I asked Fred and other coaches to evaluate my current resume and realizing the focus in the Analyst career, we remodeled my job experience to fit more the criteria the department were look for in a qualified candidate. I submitted my State Applications with the recommended changes which started getting contacts for job interviews. Further, Kathy provided additional resources to improve my understanding of State Policies, Procedures, laws and rules. Fred coached me on improving my responses to Job Interviews. I have high hopes I will be employed by the State of California as an Analyst.

Thank you Job One, especially Kathy who help me understand finding a State Job, Rebecca for coaching me by improving my resume/State Applications, and Fred for preparing me for the job interviews. I applied to about 7 vacancies at different departments and two of them offered me state jobs. I chose the one that complimented my knowledge, experience, education and best suited my calling or purpose in life.

Great news, I interviewed with a civil engineering firm in Santa Clara. I start next Monday. It was a hidden job! I found it through a former co-worker who was asked if he wanted to work for that company. He wasn’t interested, but referred me. The position hadn’t been advertised yet and I didn’t have to compete with anyone else.